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It all starts with passion.

Daous Media & Entertainment is developing media & production services to help people find their favorite content easily and offer a platform for brands to reach their clients with being accessible for all.

We compete in the growing media & entertainment market, which in 2018 was a 2,1 billion dollar euro value market globally. We produce content in collaboration with brands and offer production services.

For Advertisers

We provide opportunities for brands to increase their visibility on many different platforms and in many different formats. We serve in all matters related to advertising productions and campaigns.

Broadcast services

Daous M&E carries out various live productions and live broadcasts. We specialize in, among other things:

  • equestrian sports
  • motorsports
  • bodybuilding & fitness, as well as power sports
  • corporate events (eg webinars)

Daous Studio

Studio rental and full service studio services in Tallinn, Estonia.